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Hello everyone! I will be holding monthly giveaways for a $30 voucher at MatchWigs. They have many different types of wigs and a large selection of colors and lengths. Much of their inventory is under $30 so you will have a large selection to choose from. The winner will be announced publicly and they will receive a special code to use on the site. Alright let’s start with the basic rules^^


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This could really help with buying a wig for Cinderella since I’ll probably have to do it myself before they give an ugly-ass old grandma wig for the Fairy Godmother















If you listen to the end of tangled…. Rapunzel and Eugene didnt get married until several years later 

same with Aladdin and jasmine!

And Belle was trapped in that castle for months with Beast; I’m pretty sure at least a year.

Also Tiana and her prince were together as frogs for an indeterminate length of time before they married. 

Tumblr gets schooled by the Disney fandom

Also let’s not forget Aurora was betrothed (which uhh, was a thing and some places still is).

Cinderella had to be locked in her home away from her prince whilst she knew he was looking for her. 

I love how no one is trying to defend Ariel and Snow.

When Ariel was permanently turned back into a human by her father, we don’t know how much time passed between that day and their wedding.

Snow was under the sleeping curse for at least half a year. Remember the lovely commentary animated films used to do? At the end of the film, it states, “The Prince, who had searched far and wide, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin.” Additionally, it shows changes in season.
And finally we don’t even see a marriage between The Prince and Snow.

I love this fandom


So really, Anna is the only princess who tries to marry a prince right away

I am so proud of everyone who commented on this


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What if women had minstrel cycles instead of menstrual cycles? You’d just have a guy with a lute follow you around for a week every month and play you songs constantly?

My boyfriend (via thecarrionlibrarian)

#no but can you imagine if that was how you learned once a month you weren’t pregnant#by some dude singing songs about the victory of it#you wake up and he’s there and you are so happy#this dude becomes your favorite dude#but then you realize you haven’t seen your friend’s minstrel in a while#I mean everyone notices#like half the people are on the same cycle so for one week out of four your job is just flooded with fucking minstrels everywhere#the cacophony#but Mary over there is all alone#and she’s like my minstrel is late#but we all fucking know#her minstrel has gone off to find her a baby#a nine month journey he must make alone#and until he comes back there is no music in her life#what a glorious world this would be#I love the minstrels (@onionjuggler)

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